SmartMetro Speakers

Managing Director
London Underground
Director of New Lines
Head of Tramway Operations
Wiener Linien
Chief Technology Officer
VGF Frankfurt
Board Member
UK Tram
Head of Austria
Rail Innovation Group
Director of Traffic Operations Unit
Helsinki City Transport
Director of Railways
Hong Kong Government - Electrical & Mechanical Services Department
Railway Gazette
Senior Engineering Leader
Transport for London
Head of Operations - Bakerloo and Victoria Line
Transport for London
Systems Engineer
ex Transport for London
Project Manager of ITS Vienna Region
Verkehrsverbund Ost Region (VOR)
Head of Innovation & Partnerships
Transport Focus
Director of Railway Sector Reform
Ukraine Ministry of Infrastructure
Director of Policy & Projects
Polis Network
Chief Executive Officer
European Cyclists’ Federation
Start Up Rail / Rail Innovation Group
Deputy Director and Head of Tariff, Marketing and Development
Senior Project Manager - Railway Sector Reform
Ukraine Ministry of Infrastructure
Chief Executive Officer
Vienna Tourist Board
Chief Executive Officer
Piper Networks
Chief Technology Officer
Cologne Transport Company