Morten Kabell
Morten Kabell
European Cycling Commission

Morten Kabell was Copenhagen’s mayor for mobility and environment (“technical and environmental affairs”) from January 2014 to December ‘17 and was city councillor in Copenhagen for sixteen years before that.

From 2018 he worked as COO and later CEO of Copenhagenize Design Co., a Copenhagen-based urban planning consultancy.

Morten has been a speaker on climate, environment, mobility and urban planning for more than 100 conferences on six continents and have been part of Copenhagen’s drive to an unprecedented commuting modal share of 62% for cycling.

Morten is now co-CEO of the European Cyclists’ Federation, the umbrella organization for more than 60 bicycle organisations in more than 45 countries.Headquartered in Brussels, ECF calls for cycling to be for all ages and abilities and a mainstream mode of urban transport as well as the greenest tourism form across the continent.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading sci-fi and alternate history and to travel. His partner still lives in Copenhagen, but Morten has moved to Brussels to take the post of co-CEO at ECF.

Morten Kabell gave a TedXTalk in March 2020 on how Copenhagen successfully transformed into a cycling city and how other cities can learn from this experience.