Květoslav Havlík
Květoslav Havlík
Deputy Director

Květoslav Havlík is a deputy director and head of the tariff, marketing and development department of KORDIS JMK, public transport coordinator in Brno and South Moravian Region, Czech Republic. He graduated regional development and administration from the Masaryk University, Brno. After graduating he worked as a project manager in the field of public transport for international marketing research company TNS in Prague for a couple of years. From 2002 he works for KORDIS JMK. He was the member of the team which established the Integrated public transport in the South Moravian Region. He is experienced in many aspects of public transport areas and in transportation in general.

His areas of interests are public transport research, new technologies in public transport, ticketing and tariffs, promotion of public transport, crossborder cooperation and implementing of international and local EU-funded projects. For his company he managed several crossborder and multinational projects as the BENEFIT (IEE Programme), RAILHUC, EDITS, SOLEZ, PeripherralAccess, SUBNODES (Interreg Central Europe Programme). At the moment he is responsible for another EU funded projects.

He was directly responsible for implementation of several ERDF co-funded regional projects. The most important one was the establishing of the regional multimodal real-time control centre for all types of public transport in Brno and South Moravian Region including development of the new software and hardware for on-board communication unit and passenger information systems. This model serves as the best practice for other integrated public transport systems in the Czech Republic.

He is a member of a team which prepared the tender and purchase of new train units into the ownership of the South Moravian Region (2018-20). It’s the first case in the Czech Republic, when trains are not owned by an operator.

The ticketing system based on bank-cards as an identifier is the latest project he is working at. Its operation started in July 1, 2020.